Important Considerations Before Building a Custom Pool
Building a Custom Pool
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Important Considerations Before Building a Custom Pool

Few home improvement projects provoke excitement the way building a custom pool does. If you dream about transforming your backyard into a resort-like oasis, you’ll need to make certain considerations to ensure that you trust your project to the best custom pool builder and end up with a beautiful result.

In this article, we review some of the most important considerations to take into account before you begin your custom pool building project.

Consider Your Custom Pool Design Wishlist

Pool Shape and Size

The ideal shape and size of your custom pool depend on several factors, including the size and shape of your yard and the architectural style you’re going for. Consider what shape and size will look best with your outdoor space and complement your home the most.

Saltwater or Freshwater

The difference between freshwater and saltwater pools lies in how they are chlorinated. Homeowners with freshwater pools use chlorine tablets to treat the water periodically, so over-chlorination is common. On the other hand, a saltwater pool requires less maintenance and maintains an appropriate chlorine content using automatic saltwater chlorinators.

Lighting and Custom Water Features

Building a custom pool means you have control over the lighting and water features you want to incorporate. You may opt for LED lighting to illuminate your pool, add beauty with a waterfall feature, or include a built-in slide for extra fun. Other possible pool features include:

– Fountains
– Rain curtains
– Fire features
– Swim-up bars, and much more.

Smart Pool Control Technology

Modern pool technology often includes smart features that allow you to monitor and control pool equipment from a smartphone, a smartwatch, or another smart device. If you want to install pool equipment with smart control capabilities, you’ll need to work with a pool builder who understands how to incorporate it into the pool design.

Custom Spa Area

Adding custom spa features to your custom pool provides a great place to relax and enjoy therapeutic benefits. If you entertain often, your friends and family will surely enjoy a backyard pool with a soothing spa.

Ask Your Potential Pool Builder all the Important Questions

What materials do they use?

Different pool building materials provide different finished looks and levels of durability, but not every custom pool builder uses the same types of materials. Ask your potential pool company what materials they use before making a commitment.

Do they offer limited pool-style options, or can the design be truly custom?

Most pool builders offer various style options, but some only offer a limited range of designs to choose from. If you want a genuinely custom pool, be sure your chosen pool builder won’t limit you to preexisting styles.

What is the project timeline?

The full project timeline for your custom pool will include many phases, including design, excavation, installation, and setting time. If you have a clear design in mind, a professional pool builder should be able to provide an estimated timeline.

Do they offer any warranties?

Ask about workmanship, product, and finish material warranties to discover what kind of after-installation support your pool contractor will provide.

Do they offer financing?

Some custom pool builders help customers procure the necessary financing to break their pool costs into smaller payments. Ask your pool builder about financing opportunities.
Can they give you a reliable and clear cost estimate?

A reputable pool builder provides clear cost estimates that customers can count on. If a company refuses to offer or honor a quote, it may not be your best option for a pool builder.

Will you need permits and HOA approval?

You will need to get a permit for your pool installation. Most municipalities have their own regulations regarding pool location and features, as do many HOAs. Your pool builder may be able to provide guidance or procure the proper permits for you.

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