How to Choose the Right Waterline Pool Tile for Your Pool Remodel
Choosing Waterline Pool Tile for Pool Remodeling
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How to Choose the Right Waterline Pool Tile for Your Pool Remodel

When remodeling your swimming pool, you want to take the time to consider quality waterline pool tile for the perimeter. Waterline pool tile comes in numerous materials, designs, and textures and can provide several benefits for your pool’s durability and lifespan.

Read on to learn how to choose the right waterline pool tile for your pool remodel.

What Are Waterline Pool Tiles?

Waterline pool tiles are installed inside the pool along the waterline. While waterline tiles are not mandatory in pools, they can provide several important benefits.

First, waterline tiles can provide an extra layer of protection along the edges of your pool’s shell or liner. Keeping your liner sealed tight can prevent cracking, erosion, and freezing pool water, helping you avoid costly repairs.

Waterline tiles can also prevent sunscreen and body oils from staining your pool’s interior and are easy to wipe clean and keep looking fresh.

Finally, waterline tiles allow you to personalize your pool and provide an attractive finish.

Types of Pool Tile to Consider

Waterline pool tiles come in a wide range of materials and finishes. The three most popular types are natural stone, porcelain, and glass.

Natural Stone

Natural stone pool tiles provide a natural, earthy finish that can easily blend into your surrounding pool features. These pool tiles are smooth to the touch and easy to wipe clean at the water line. They also come in various styles and designs, giving you some creativity in your choice.


Porcelain pool tiles are the most popular waterline tile materials. These tiles are glossy and attractive, and you can choose from a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes. Blue and green porcelain tiles are popular, as they complement the pool water well. However, you can also get creative by choosing colorful mosaic tiles or more vibrant hues.


Glass pool tiles are a high-end choice that can elevate your pool. These tiles typically come in a translucent finish that reflects sunlight, creating a shimmery, iridescent look. While you can find several styles and designs, most glass pool tiles are one inch by two inches and come in a brick-style layout.

Deciding on Size, Texture, & Color

Once you choose your desired waterline tile material, you can get creative with the size, texture, and color.

Waterline tiles come in sizes ranging from one inch by one inch to six inches by six inches. The size you choose is ultimately up to personal preference. Smaller tiles can allow you to incorporate more colors and styles into the design, while larger tiles tend to look cleaner and simpler.

Next, you can choose between a smooth finish or a rougher stone texture. Keep in mind that if you plan to carry the waterline tile onto the pool deck, a smoother finish could become slippery when wet.

You can also have creative freedom over your tile’s color. Blues, greens, and earth tones tend to blend into the overall pool design better, while purples, pinks, and oranges deliver a more artistic appearance.

Keep Performance in Mind

Along with choosing an attractive waterline tile design, you should also keep long-term performance in mind when selecting your material. With the proper installation and maintenance, most waterline tiles can last anywhere from five to ten years.

Glass tiles can last a bit longer than porcelain and stone, but they’re also the more expensive option. Additionally, lighter colors may require more maintenance, as they can easily show dirt and oils.

Additionally, the backing you choose for your tile can also affect its durability. Mesh backing helps your tile more firmly adhere to the surrounding pool wall.

You can choose between the following types of backing:

  • Silicone
  • Polymer
  • Thermo-polymer

Each comes in at a different price point and will offer different levels of durability. Be sure to consult your pool remodeling company about your options for the best results.

Choosing Expert Waterline Pool Tile Installation

Hiring an expert pool remodeler is essential to ensure that your waterline tile installation lasts. Improper installation can allow water to seep under the tile, leading to cracks and erosion and affecting the tile’s longevity.

Professional pool remodelers have the right tools and experience to ensure a clean, durable finish that will last.

Looking for Expert Pool Remodeling? Call Sun State Pools!

If you’re looking for a reliable pool remodeling company to install your waterline pool tile, you’ve come to the right place. Sun State Pools is the most trusted and experienced pool remodeling company in the Phoenix, AZ, area.

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