Sun State Pools: In-House PebbleTec Pool Resurfacing
Sun State Pools Press Release
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Sun State Pools: In-House PebbleTec Pool Resurfacing

Sun State Pools of Phoenix, AZ, has expanded its in-house fleet of vehicles to now include its own pool interior surfacing truck. Adding this truck to their lineup allows them to offer in-house PebbleTec pool resurfacing services directly to their customers at more affordable prices.

Sun State takes a lot of pride in offering PebbleTec, which provides a 10-year warranty, 20 vibrant color options, and more than double the life expectancy of traditional pool surfacing techniques at over 20 years.

As a successful family-owned pool remodeling and service company, Sun State has provided Phoenix and the surrounding areas with expert pool services since 2016.

From professional pool upgrades to impressive pool remodels and renovations, Sun State does it all. Their mission has remained the same from the very beginning- to offer Phoenix homeowners affordable, reliable, and high-quality pool and spa services.

Pool resurfacing is one of the most popular and beneficial ways homeowners can upgrade their swimming pool experience and visual appeal.

Resurfacing a pool is often done to:

  • Repair cracks or peeling
  • Improve structural durability
  • Upgrade the pool’s overall appearance
  • Remove staining and discoloration
  • Create a smoother, more comfortable pool surface


Regardless of your needs or desire to resurface your swimming pool in Phoneix, Sun State Pools now offers everything you could possibly need, all within their one-stop-shop expert pool servicing.

If you’re interested in expert pool resurfacing services with a beautiful PebbleTec finish, give Sun State Pools a call today at 602-584-7867.

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