Top 5: When to Call a Pool Repair Company
Pool Repair
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Top 5: When to Call a Pool Repair Company

Are you concerned that you may need to schedule pool repair services?

Swimming pools are a fantastic luxury to have; that said, they do require a fair amount of upkeep to ensure your swim experiences remain pleasurable.

Although the need for pool repairs is often obvious, it’s best to try and look for signs of a problem and address it long before the issue gets out of hand or your equipment stops working altogether.

This article discusses the most common signs indicating the need for a pool repair and why.

Let’s begin –

Five Common Signs You Need a Pool Repair

1. Pool Pump & Motor Malfunctions

Running a beautiful swimming pool requires a lot of equipment. From filtration to lighting, there’s a lot of pool maintenance to be done throughout the year. But how do you know when your pool pumps or motors need a repair?

In the world of swimming pools, a repair is almost always cheaper than a full replacement, so the best thing to do is keep an eye on your pool equipment performance throughout the year.
If you begin to see rust around your pool pump or motor equipment, it’s time to call in the swimming pool contractors. You’ll also want to listen closely to the sounds of your pool equipment; if you hear grinding, rattling, or screeching, you may need to schedule pool repair services.

2. Pool Plumbing Problems

The most common issues associated with swimming pool plumbing are:

– Air in Your Pool’s Circulatory System

If you’ve noticed that your pool’s water flow seems restricted, it may be a good time to call your pool contractors. Restricted water flow can be caused by air getting trapped in your pool’s circulatory system. When air gets trapped in the circulatory system, your pool may begin to look cloudy, and in more severe cases, the trapped air can result in your pool’s filter tank bursting due to extreme pressure.

– Changes in Filter Pressure

Although changes in filter pressure are a common issue, it can be a serious one and should receive expert attention as soon as possible.
An increase in filter pressure is often caused by a build-up of dirt, algae, and other forms of debris. If unaddressed for too long, you may start experiencing problems with your swimming pool filter and need a repair.

– Dirt & Debris Buildup Within the Pools’ Plumbing

Dirt and debris can affect a lot more than just your pools’ cleanliness. If debris finds its way into your pool’s plumbing, it can lead to serious clogs as well as trapped air issues.

3. Problems with Your Pool Heater

The most common signs you need a pool heater repair include:

– The water isn’t getting warm

Although not everyone uses a pool heater, it’s an essential piece of equipment for those who do. If your pool water isn’t heating the way it should be, there are a few possible causes – an issue with the temperature sensor, a Malfunctioning thermostat, or an improperly sized heating unit. The best way to address pool heating issues is to call professional pool contractors to evaluate and repair the problem.

– Your Heater Cycles on and off frequently

If your swimming pool’s heater continuously cycles on and off, there may be an issue with the unit’s electrical connection or power supply. However, a lack of pool maintenance can also create this problem. If your heater exchangers and filter have been cleaned recently and you are still experiencing issues with your pool heating up, it’s time to start considering pool repair companies.

– Noisy Operation

Unusual operating noises coming from any swimming pool equipment are good indicators of a problem. If your pool heater is making strange noises during operation, you should turn off the system and schedule pool repair services as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to the unit.

4. Pool Decking Issues

Pool decking is an essential part of your pool’s construction; not only does it look nice, but it helps keep you and your family safe while using your pool.
The most common signs you need a pool deck repair include:

  • Cracks
  • Stains
  • Texture Loss
  • Structural Damage

If any of these issues are familiar, you should call your swimming pool contractors for a professional evaluation and pool deck repair. For more serious problems, you may need a full

pool deck replacement. It’s important to understand that unaddressed decking issues can result in serious injuries and should be taken seriously.

5. Pool leak and/or Crack Repairs

If you are having to add water to your swimming pool more often than normal, you may have a pool leak.

Just the cost of continuously adding water to your pool is a huge issue on its own. Not only that, even a small pool leak can quickly become an extremely expensive and damaging problem if unaddressed. pool leaks are a very serious matter which can lead to significant foundation issues and damage to your pool.

Whether you suspect a leak in your pool’s surface or plumbing, call for a repair ASAP to avoid further expenses and damages to your swimming pool.

Schedule Your Pool’s Repair Service Today!

Proper pool care and repair services are essential for maintaining a safe and relaxing pool experience for you and your family.

By always being cautious of the pool repair signs listed in this article, you can ensure that your swimming pool remains in optimal working condition at all times.

If you need professional pool repairs, give Sun State Pools a call today at 602-584-7867.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of swimming pool repair experts are more than happy to evaluate the problems you’re having and offer you repair solutions you can count on.

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