Top 6 Pool Remodeling Ideas & Benefits Phoenix, AZ
Pool Remodeling Ideas
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Top 6 Pool Remodeling Ideas & Benefits Phoenix, AZ

Pool remodeling could be precisely what you need to revitalize your property’s outdoor space. However, with all the options available, homeowners in Phoenix, AZ, can find it overwhelming to decide which pool remodeling ideas are worthwhile. This post will go through the top six ideas, along with the benefits they offer.

Pool Resurfacing

Pool resurfacing is one of the most popular pool renovation ideas, offering you several options that promise to leave you with a pool unlike any other.

Some of those options include:

● Tile: A favorite amongst traditionalists, a tile finish can help you freshen up your pool with relative ease and minimal effort.

● Plaster: Though there are better materials than plaster, some homeowners in Phoenix, AZ, prefer this classic pool resurfacing material.

● Finest Finish: Are you looking for a material that mimics plaster but is more durable? If so, Finest Finish is an ideal option.

● PebbleTec: Made up of tiny pebbles bound by an adhesive material, PebbleTec forms a surface that is the most stain-resistant and durable option on the market, along with extensive color options.

● PebbleSheen: Taking PebbleTec’s beauty and durability a step further, PebbleSheen adds a pebble mosaic that creates a finely textured surface whose look resembles natural granite.

Upgrade Your Pool Decking

By upgrading the surface surrounding your pool, you can revamp the space while also increasing comfort and safety. The right pool decking can provide you with a safe walking area between diving boards, slides, and pool ladders while offering the perfect place for lounging.

The material you pick choose for your decking is critical and should be secure enough to walk on when wet and also feel pleasant beneath your feet. Fortunately, there are several options.
For instance, poured concrete is affordable, durable, and can achieve any shape or geometric pattern you desire. Alternatively, you can opt for pre-cast cement pavers, brick, and wood, which are also excellent options.

Pool Decking

Install a Pool Heater

Installing a pool heater is the best way to enjoy your pool throughout the year, regardless of the season.

These pool remodeling services offer several advantages, including:

● Health Benefits: Heating your pool protects you against aches and stiffness that could be exacerbated by cold water, soothing your muscles and helping you relax.

● Night Swimming: With your pool at a constant temperature, you won’t have to worry about fluctuating temperatures between night and day, allowing you to enjoy exciting nighttime swims.

● Family Fun Time: Having warmer pool water is one of the best ways to entice your entire family to spend time swimming together. Even when the air temperature isn’t as comfortable, you can still enjoy a bit of pool time fun.

● Increase Property Value: Your pool is already a valuable investment, and adding a heater to the pool promises to further increase your entire property’s value.

Add Exciting New Water Features with Expert Pool Remodeling

One reason many homeowners contact our pool remodeling company in Phoenix, AZ, is to add exciting water features.

Even the smallest water feature can transform a simple pool, providing peace, serenity, and a sensory experience, along with benefits such as:

● Giving your pool an attractive look

● Offering hours of swimming fun

● Bringing your backyard to life with the sound of flowing water

● Creating a calm and relaxed pool environment

The best part is there are several different types of water features you can add, including:

● Gushers: Perfect for beach entries and tanning ledges where water depth doesn’t exceed six inches.

● Sheer Descents: These features offer a dramatic focal point by producing a clear arc of water projecting from a raised wall into your pool.

● Waterfalls: Add a natural look to your pool and transform it into a backyard oasis by adding a waterfall.

● Mini Jets: These unique water features shoot streams of water from the deck into the pool, creating a “wow” factor.

Update Your Pool’s Lighting

Speaking of “wow” factors, updating your pool’s lighting is one of the most affordable ways to revitalize your pool area, adding ambiance and an aesthetic appeal. If that wasn’t enough, pool lighting could also increase safety, especially if you like swimming at night.

There are several types of pool lighting you can consider, including:

● LED Lighting: LED lights are attractive, practical, and cost-effective options that you can add to your pool’s interior or exterior.

● Pool Deck Lighting: Opting for pool deck lighting is an excellent way to increase the safety and beauty of the space surrounding your pool.

● Color Changing Lights: This unique option is perfect for parties, offering fun mood lighting that automatically changes color.

● Underwater Lighting: Underwater lighting promises to transform your pool into a stunning glowing lagoon. They also add safety because of the increased visibility they provide to your pool’s swimming area.

Pool Lighting

Automate Your Swimming Pool Experience with Pool Remodeling

Automating your swimming pool experience can offer you the convenience you desire, from running your heater on a schedule to integrating your pump and operating your pool’s electronic systems at the touch of a button. Pool automation can offer you several benefits, thanks to its ease of use, reliable control, and smartphone access.

Some of those benefits include:

● Easy Chemical Maintenance: Eliminate the tedious process of frequent water testing and chemical adjustment by leaving it all to your automated system.

● Multi-System Automation: Pool automation systems come with switches, controls, and a central hub through which you can optimize all essential pool functions, from LED light strips to water leak sensors.

● Complete Remote Control: With the option of controlling the system via your smartphone, you can make necessary adjustments at a moment’s notice, achieving complete control over your swimming pool’s essential features.

Contact Phoenix Arizona’s Pool Remodeling Experts

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