Is Travertine Pool Decking Right for Your Pool Remodeling Project?
Travertine Pool Decking
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Is Travertine Pool Decking Right for Your Pool Remodeling Project? 

Creating the perfect outdoor oasis can be more challenging than many pool owners realize. You must consider many factors, like the size, filtration systems, decking, and much more. Just choosing a quality decking material alone improves the safety, temperature resistance, and durability of the area surrounding your swimming pool.

While concrete may be the most common choice, travertine pool decking could potentially be a better choice for you, depending on your needs. Below, we discuss why you may want to choose travertine decking for your pool remodeling project.

What Is Travertine?

Travertine is a pool decking material made from natural stone for indoor and outdoor paving. The material is an organic sedimentary limestone consisting of natural spring mineral deposits, creating unique limestone swirls and layered textures. The effect is aesthetically pleasing while offering distinct advantages in terms of safety, durability, and reliability.

Travertine pool deck tiles come in many colors, sizes, and shapes. You can easily select a finish that matches your home’s outdoor style. The unique textures, colors, and layering effects can transform your standard pool into a breathtaking oasis.

Advantages of Travertine Pool Decking

Aside from its appearance, travertine pool decking can provide better functionality than other options. With travertine decking, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improved safety: Travertine is a naturally porous tile that absorbs water quickly, whereas some materials become a slippery and dangerous surface whenever water splashes from the pool onto the deck. Travertine decking can prevent slips and falls so you can enjoy fun summer swims with your family without worrying.
  • Better temperature resistance: Nothing’s worse than scrambling across slippery, hot pool decking, trying not to burn your feet. Travertine resists Phoenix’s most extreme summer temperatures and sunlight. Considering it is 20% to 30% cooler than other options, you can safely walk on travertine tiles without burning your feet.
  • Stronger durability: Unlike more traditional materials, which can easily crack or fade from a few years of exposure to Arizona’s harsh climate, travertine tiles offer the ultimate durability.
  • Quick installation: We understand you don’t want to deal with noisy construction projects for weeks. Our pool contractor team can install travertine pool decking quickly and easily.
  • Costs: Travertine tiles are one of the most cost-effective solutions considering their estimated lifespan. Travertine typically costs around $5 to $30 per square foot for the materials.

What’s the Difference Between Travertine Pavers and Travertine Tiles?

Now that you understand the advantages of travertine decking, the only question left is which type you should choose. You can install travertine as pavers or tiles. Travertine pavers are the more robust option, ranging from 1¼” to 2” thick. Travertine tiles are slightly thinner and usually measure half an inch in thickness.

Travertine pavers offer a more organic look with rough, chiseled edges. Because of the shape variation, we can install pavers on top of sand or gravel rather than grout. Conversely, travertine tiles are square-shaped and fit neatly together with grout.

We can assess your outdoor space to help you pick the perfect solution for your pool. For example, we recommend pavers in naturalistic settings, like walkways or around a firepit. Our team may recommend tiles for the pool edge areas since they offer a more compact and complete finish.

Travertine Pool Decking: Speak With an Expert Pool Remodeling Company

Choosing the right decking for your pool remodeling project is a big decision. Travertine pool decking is a great choice, offering top-notch safety, durability, and style choices.

Call Sun State Pools in Phoenix, Arizona, today at (602) 584-7867 to discuss your travertine decking needs with our expert pool remodeling team.

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