Upgrading Your Pool Hardscape
Pool Hardscape Remodeling
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Upgrading Your Pool Hardscape

Does your swimming pool look tired and outdated? Have you seen jaw-dropping images of pools on Pinterest and Instagram that make you green with envy? Are you ready for an upgrade that matches your imagination?

Upgrading your pool’s hardscape can give your property an instant upgrade and make your time outdoors feel much more enjoyable.

What Is Pool Hardscaping?

As the name suggests, pool hardscaping is the collection of typically hard-surface items surrounding your pool. You may also hear pool hardscaping referred to as pool decking or a pool patio.

Though typically associated with the ground surface, hardscaping elements also include walls, fences, fire pits, and fountains. Together pool hardscaping creates a cohesive look for your outdoor areas while providing usable and practical items to enjoy your time by the pool.

Pool Hardscape Material Options

There’s a long list of hardscape material options you can choose from in order to bring your pool area back to life, including:

  • Stamped Concrete: Stamped concrete is a popular pool hardscape option because it is durable, low-maintenance, and economical. It’s also relatively easy to customize the color, texture, and overall design to match your yard aesthetic.
  • Pavers: Pavers can be made from various materials, including brick, stone, and concrete. They also come in infinite design options, so you can choose colors, sizes, patterns, and textures. Pavers are also great for preventing slips, and the surface stays cooler during Arizona’s blistering summer months.
  • Natural Stone: In recent years, pool design trends have moved toward natural materials, including flagstone, bluestone, slate, travertine, limestone, etc. Natural stone is durable, and it ages well. Homeowners interested in enhancing the value of their property often opt for natural stone hardscaping when they undertake a pool remodeling project.
  • Composite Wood Decking: Wood is a classic choice, but it’s not practical because it can rot or split. Composite wood decking, however, doesn’t have those issues. Composite wood gives you the aesthetic of wood, but it’s water-resistant and stain resistant. The material is a blend of wood fiber with plastic and a binding agent.

How Can I Upgrade My Pool’s Hardscape?

Your imagination and budget are the only limitation when it comes to upgrading your pool’s hardscape. At Sunstate Pools, we specialize in pool remodeling and creating outdoor spaces that incorporate both beauty and modern design.

The following pool remodeling projects are great examples of ways to give your pool an instant upgrade:

  • Multi-level pool decking: Multiple deck levels differentiate space for entertaining, grilling, and other activities. It also adds an element of sophistication to any outdoor space.
  • Custom pool fire pits: A fire pit adds drama to a hardscape area, and they’re also practical additions for those cold desert nights.
  • Custom pool paver designs: At Sun State, we offer a wide selection of pavers and expert design skills to help your vision come to life.
  • Additional water features: Add fountains, cascades, rain curtains, and even a waterslide to your outdoor space. The only problem will be getting people to leave your house!

Ready to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool Hardscape? Contact Sun State Pools!

If you want to work with the best pool builder and pool remodeling team in Arizona, you’ve come to the right place!

As a family-owned business, Sun State Pools has completed hundreds of beautiful projects, and our clients are delighted with our work. Our relentless attention to detail ensures the job is done right the first time, and you are fully satisfied with your new space.

Contact us today at (602) 584-7867 or reach out online to request a free quote.

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