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Comprehensive pool remodeling and renovation services for your business

Whether you own a hotel, apartment complex, or resort, your pool is a significant draw for residents and visitors. Maintaining a high-quality, attractive, functional pool is essential to bringing in business and keeping your existing residents or guests happy.

At Sun State Pools, we offer expert pool remodeling and renovation services for commercial clients throughout Phoenix, AZ. Our team of experts can help you achieve a stunning, modern pool design that keeps guests coming back for more.

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Top Commercial Pool Remodeling & Renovation Services We Offer

Our company offers the comprehensive pool remodeling and renovation services your business needs to transform your pool.

Here are a few of the services we regularly provide to our Phoenix, AZ, commercial pool customers:

Commercial Pool Remodeling in Phoenix, AZ
  • Improving Pool Safety and Getting it Up to Code

    A commercial pool in disrepair is a huge liability for any company. If your pool is malfunctioning, damaged, or not up to code, your company could be responsible for any injuries that occur. Our team at Sun State Pools would be happy to conduct a pool safety review and perform the remodeling tasks necessary to get your commercial pool up to code.

  • Upgrading to Energy Efficient Pool Equipment

    Your pool uses a significant amount of energy, and your energy bills are likely suffering as a result. Our pool remodeling company can provide energy-efficient upgrades that reduce the amount of energy your pool system uses, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact.

  • Pool Resurfacing

    Over time, every pool’s surface eventually begins to crack, stain, and deteriorate. We can resurface your entire pool or patch cracks and damage, creating a smooth, more attractive appearance.

  • Upgrading Pool Decking

    Your pool decking plays a significant role in your pool's safety and appearance. If your decking is outdated or damaged, we can perform a complete replacement to produce a cleaner, more modern appearance and enhance its safety.

  • Full Commercial Pool Redesigns

    Redesigning your commercial pool entirely can allow you to include modern elements, such as water features, rock slides, and infinity edges.

Smart Ways to Upgrade Your Commercial Pool Experience for Guests & Residents

Renovating your pool can provide an excellent return on investment.

Many guests would rather stay at a hotel with a modern pool and spa area than a similar hotel without these features, leading to more guests and more revenue. Alternatively, having a top-tier pool area can improve resident satisfaction at apartment complexes as well.

Here are a few innovative ways you can upgrade your pool experience to enhance ROI.

Exciting Water Features

Adding water features is an easy way to elevate a pool area instantly. You can consider adding waterfalls, water/fire bowls, water arches, and more.

These elements can turn any hotel or apartment complex pool into a luxury oasis.

Beautiful Pool Tiles

Elegant pool tiling is a great way to elevate the appearance of any pool and increase the overall durability of its surface area.

Whether you need a new pool tile installation service or a replacement, having an expert commercial pool remodeling company do the job goes a long way.

LED Pool Lighting

Adding LED lighting throughout your pool can create a high-end appearance and transform your pool for nighttime swimming.

Better yet, LED lighting is energy efficient, allowing you to save on your energy bill.

Commercial Pool Heating & Cooling Systems

Whether your pool is inside or outdoors, keeping the water at a comfortable temperature is important to creating an enjoyable experience for guests or residents. We can help you choose the right heating and cooling system to keep your pool at the optimal temperature for guests year-round.

Custom Spa Areas

Spas are relaxing, luxurious features that can instantly bring more guests or residents to your business.

If you don’t currently have a spa or hot tub, we can add one during your pool renovation.

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Whether your commercial pool is looking outdated, you want to add specific features, or you simply need a total pool transformation, we can help. At Sun State Pools, we have extensive experience renovating and remodeling pools in the greater Phoenix area.

We’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss your wants and needs for your commercial pool renovation. We’ll also recommend features and upgrades that can improve your property value and enhance your guest or resident satisfaction.

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