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Pool Decking Phoenix, AZ

Create a stunning oasis with beautiful new pool decking.

Your pool decking, also known as the pool patio, is the material surrounding your swimming pool.

The type of decking around your pool plays a significant role in the safety and attractiveness of your pool area. While decking greatly contributes to your pool’s overall style and appearance, it should also create enough traction to prevent slips and falls.

With the right pool company, you can create the perfect pool experience that is both safe and esthetically pleasing for many years to come.

Our pool decking services include:

  • Full Replacements
  • Resurfacing
  • Upgrades

Pool Deck Replacement

If your pool decking is outdated, unsafe, or simply needs a fresh and more appealing new look, we recommend scheduling a decking service with our expert team.

Our pool remodeling experts will conduct a thorough consultation to help you choose the perfect decking material for your style, budget, and pool preferences.

We guarantee that an updated pool deck will add style and life back into your pool experience, creating the ultimate entertaining space for your Phoenix home.

Our pool remodeling experts have extensive experience in all core pool decking materials, such as; concrete, cement pavers, travertine, and stone.

If you need your pool deck replaced, you can count on us for quality that lasts. Give our experts a call now at 602-584-7867.


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Pool Decking Phoenix, AZ

Pool Deck Resurfacing

The quality of your pool’s decking is very important, and over the years, will require a bit of maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape.

Regardless of your decking material, outdoor conditions like natural expansion and contraction due to temperature changes will affect your pool’s decking.

As your pool and its supporting structures begin to age, you may start to notice cracks in the surface, rough or worn patches.

When surface damages in your decking become apparent, it’s time to look into professional pool deck resurfacing. If decking problems go unaddressed for too long, you could end up with more significant structural damages.

At Sun State Pools, we offer our Phoenix homeowners full deck resurfacing services to ensure that your pool experience remains appealing, comfortable, and above all, safe throughout the year.

With our pool deck resurfacing services, we can:

Remove unsightly surface stains or discoloration
Establish a stronger and more resilient decking
Restore your old concrete slabs & landscape integrity
Re-design your pool deck all together

If you’re ready to have your decking replaced, resurfaced, or upgraded, please contact our team at Sun State Pools today to schedule a consultation at (602) 584-7867.