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Incorporating LED pool lighting can transform any outdoor space into a bright and beautiful getaway.

From aesthetics to safety, pool lighting is incredibly beneficial. Whether you have an interest in nighttime swimming or would like to host stunning evening events in your outdoor space, lights add additional functionality and appeal to your pool.

At Sun State Pools, we place the quality and value of our services above everything. Our team of expert technicians is committed to providing only the best and most reliable pool lighting solutions in Phoenix. Our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality pool services to homes throughout the community while working hard to ensure we exceed your expectations every step of the way.

Pool Light Replacement & Installation

Pool LightingIf you have a pool and have yet to install lighting or need a replacement, the pool remodeling process is the perfect time to implement beautiful LED pool lighting features into your backyard oasis. 

Whatever your pool lighting preferences, our knowledgeable team will work with you to design a lighting system that fits your needs. Not only will you be able to safely use your pool and outdoor space at night, but you will also be able to transform it into a more aesthetically pleasing space.

Adding modern pool lighting is a convenient and affordable way to bring a refreshing look to an outdated pool. From day to night, you’ll be able to relax in your backyard with your new lighting system. 

With Sun State Pools, you can completely upgrade your pool experience with a wide range of customized energy-efficient pool lighting options.

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Benefits of Expert Pool Lighting Services

From the safety guarantee to quality standards, you should always consult a professional with your pool lighting needs. There are risks when it comes to working with pool lights. Due to working with electricity and water, it is critical for your safety to hire a professional.

Some of the benefits of hiring a professional for quality pool lighting include:

  • Style and Budget

    Professionals have experience working with different types of pools and budget ranges. When you hire a professional, they’ll be able to examine your current space and identify ways that you’ll be able to highlight your pool and other water features. Not only will they be able to fit the style to your exterior space, but they’ll also be able to provide a lighting solution that fits your budget.

  • Safety

    Like any service, safety remains the utmost priority. Unfortunately, without professional experience, you always face a higher risk of injury or damage. Our team at Sun State Pools consists of expert technicians trained to safely and reliably perform your lighting services.

  • Time and Money

    Hiring a professional for any service means you’re saving yourself time and money. With Sun State, you can trust our professionals to get the job done right the first time, without setbacks, damages, or additional frustration.

  • Superior Quality

    Professional lighting contractors are trained to safely install and replace pool lighting at the highest level of standards.

If you need a pool lighting upgrade, hiring a trusted professional is the best course of action. Overall, you’ll be able to fully understand your options and get a reliable solution you’ll be happy with.

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Founded in 2016, Sun State Pools is a family-owned business committed to providing affordable and efficient pool remodeling and renovations to the Phoenix community. With over two generations of pool experience, our team is highly trained in delivering exceptional results for all your pool remodeling needs.

For years, we have enhanced poolside safety and transformed outdoor spaces across Phoenix. We are passionate about providing services with the highest quality of work, customer service, and attention to detail. 

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