Pool Resurfacing
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Pool Resurfacing Phoenix, AZ

Give your pool a like-new appeal with resurfacing.

One of the most popular and beneficial pool remodeling services we offer is pool resurfacing, which is the process of recovering the pool interior with new surface material.

In many cases, this is done to either give the pool a more updated and appealing look or achieve a specific pool repair or improvement.

Homeowners often decide to resurface their pool to:

  • Repair cracks or peeling plaster
  • Improve durability
  • Update the pool’s appearance
  • Remove staining and discoloration
  • Create a smooth and more appealing finish

If your pool is old and/or deteriorating, an expert pool renovation service like resurfacing or replastering could give new life to the structure and increase its lifespan for many more years, making your private oasis much more desirable and enjoyable.

Suppose you’re looking to resurface and upgrade your pool’s appearance altogether. In that case, we also offer pool resurfacing with higher-quality material options such as marble or pebble, which can add a much more luxurious feel to your pool experience.

Regardless of your resurfacing needs, when you hire Sun State Pools, you can rest assured that your swimming pool or spa will be getting the highest quality attention to detail and surfacing available.

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When to Resurface Your Pool & Why

  • Peeling Plaster

    If your pool plaster has begun peeling/flaking or (spalling), it’s time to resurface your pool. Spalling is most often noticed around the steps of pools first and is caused by pool water with prolonged periods of low PH or calcium. Because your pool’s surfacing is also a layer of protection for your pool’s foundation, it’s a good reason to have it resurfaced.

  • Pool Surface and/or Structural Cracks

    If you’ve begun noticing small web-like cracks (or even more significant cracking) in your pool surface, you should call a pool expert to check it out. Small web-like cracking can be caused by temperature changes making the surfacing expand and retract, leading to unattractive peeling and discomfort when using your pool. If more significant cracks are present, you could be dealing with pool leaks and even the possibility of more severe issues if unaddressed for too long.

  • Surface Staining & Discoloration

    In many cases, a simple acid wash will take care of discoloration on your pool’s surfacing. But for more severe staining, you may need to have your pool fully resurfaced to get it back to looking clean and beautiful again.

  • Rough Patches

    Professional pool plastering offers a lot more than structural integrity support and visual appeal; it also makes for a comfortable surface to walk on when your family or guests are using your pool. As your pool’s surfacing begins to age and wears down, you may start to experience rough patches along the floor of your pool that make using it less than comfortable. Having a professional resurface your pool will solve this problem and give your backyard oasis a much-needed facelift.

  • Outdated Design

    Lastly, you may just be tired of your pool’s outdated appearance and lackluster experience; if this is the case, having your pool replastered may be just what you need to fall back in love with your pool!



Drain the Pool

First, we will drain your swimming pool and ensure that all of the pool’s lights are in proper working order.


Prep the Pool

Next, we begin to prep the pool interior by removing the existing material and creating the appropriate surface needed to securely adhere the new material.


Resurface the Pool

Then, our knowledgeable pool specialists will carefully install the new material, seal the plumbing, and clean up any debris from the project.


Enjoy the Pool

Lastly, we leave you and your family with a spotless new pool interior that is ready to take on years of fun-filled days and swimming activities!

Pool Resurfacing Phoenix, AZ

Ready to Update & Upgrade Your Pool Experience?

If your swimming pool has seen better days or it’s just lost its magical appeal, it may be time to call in the experts for a professional pool resurfacing.

Resurfacing your pool is a great way to breathe life back into your swim experience by updating its style as well as maintaining its value and integrity.

As expert pool contractors, we ensure that you get the very best out of your swimming pool all year long by offering pool service you can count on.

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