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A pool remodel is an excellent way to bring new life to your pool.

Our prestigious pool remodeling services will blow your mind!

Crafting a beautiful, functional pool design with refreshingly cool water, attractive water features, gorgeous tiling, and a spacious layout can make your backyard the hangout spot of your Phoenix neighborhood. What’s more, you can create a functional, convenient place to cool off and get some exercise.

While pool remodels may sound like a big undertaking, scheduling the right team of professionals will ensure that the process flows as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

At Sun State Pools, we offer the fast and friendly service you need to make your pool renovation a quick, easy, hassle-free process. We serve the Greater Phoenix, Arizona, area.

As CPO-certified technicians with 20+ years of remodeling experience, we have extensive training in renovating a wide variety of pools for Phoenix customers. We work with pool owners just like you every day, resulting in thousands of satisfied customers who have beautiful, inviting swimming pools that showcase our handiwork.

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Reasons to Remodel Your Pool & What to Expect

Pool owners decide to renovate their pool and spa for a variety of reasons. Some want to update old, deteriorating pools, while others want to add new, appealing elements to make their pools more functional and attractive.

If you’re a pool owner, you may want to consider a custom pool renovation for any of the following reasons:

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  • New designs

    A pool renovation is a perfect time to add new designs to your pool, such as beach entries, swim-up bars, rock slides, and tanning ledges.

  • New water features

    New water elements, such as waterfalls, water arches, rain walls, grottos, water/fire bowls, and water curtains, can add new life and excitement to your existing pool.

  • New materials

    If your pool uses traditional materials such as plaster and concrete, swapping out these materials for natural stone, mosaic designs, stamped concrete, or aggregate interior pool finishes is an easy way to modernize your swimming pool.

  • More energy savings

    Pools can be expensive to run simply because of the amount of electricity and energy they utilize. However, modern pool equipment updates such as variable speed pumps and LED pool lighting can save you money on your energy bill and produce environmental benefits.

  • Less work

    Innovative new features, such as automatic cleaners, chlorine generators, and automated control systems, can save you time when it comes to maintaining your pool.

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Swimming pool construction and remodeling can sometimes feel like a hassle and disruption to your everyday life, but it doesn’t have to be a burdensome process. At Sun State Pools, we work hard to create a smooth, hassle-free remodeling experience for every Phoenix customer who hires us.

Our friendly and fast pool service and commitment to customer satisfaction ensure a positive experience throughout your swimming pool remodel & renovation process. Contact us today at 602-584-7867 to request a free pool service quote. If you need help with remodeling costs, we offer financing.